We welcome reservations for all dining room tables, tall tables and soft seating. Our nine bar stools are first-come, first-serve (get here early, so you won’t have to worry about #4 below).


Whoever makes the reservation decides who gets the bill. Saves arguing and those sneaking off to the bathroom moments to give a credit card to the server.   


When available, we support local businesses by using as much local produce and products as possible.


There is no standing in the bar. Why not? So our bar customers can enjoy the same dining experience as everyone else and because Shane can’t stand it. So it’s a hard-and-fast rule.


We will bring menus when you request them. The only exception is if you’re a “Will be out” or “Need to be out” by a certain time.


Please be respectful of the patrons around you. If you wouldn’t use certain language around your children, mother or grandmother, please refrain from using it in BOLD. And please watch the decibel level—there is no free dessert for whoever speaks the loudest.


Please don’t move our tables or chairs; they’re painstakingly arranged this way for a reason (using a precise laser measuring device). We wouldn’t come into your home or business and move your stuff around. Really, we wouldn’t. That would be weird.


Speaking of 8, our largest table seats 8 people. Sorry, but we won’t squeeze more in. Too crowded.
Not even 9.


Certain dishes come as-is. We will try to accommodate special requests whenever possible.


Sorry, but we’re not able to split Big Plates, Small Plates or Desserts. Why not? Because we’re fanatics (in a good way) about presentation and consistency. We will however, be happy to bring you extra plates for sharing.

We hope you enjoy your BOLD experience!